How to spot e-vote tampering?


Our permanent campaign marches on here in the U.S., with preparations for 2012 already well underway. To that end, some dude has asked proto-blog Slashdot what to look for when it comes to electronic vote fraud. (He’s an elections official, so he has some modicum of power to stop any shenanigans.) The suggestions are rich in thought and content.

• Look for a paper trail. If there’s not one, ask why.

• Watch Hacking Democracy. It teaches you how “they” steal our freedom.

• Just accept the fact that, if someone with any type of know-how wanted to, they could fiddle with votes, especially given the gross incompetence of the average poll worker.

That’s a little depressing. I mean, I’ve always thought, if I can file my taxes online, and can do my banking online, I should be able to vote online, right? Why trust me with with my finances but not trust with me my right to vote, which, by the way, is a waste of time anyway.