CrunchGear unboxes the Samsung Instinct


Unlike our delivery woes with the Flip Mino, the Samsung Instinct for Sprint arrived at the NYC CrunchGear office this morning as expected. I’ve been impressed with this phone from the first time I saw it under NDA many months ago. The packaging is nice, but I think all packaging is a waste of money and resources. The Instinct comes with a gaggle of accessories that include: the device, headset, USB cable, case, Sandisk 2GB microSD, an extra battery, travel charger, separate USB charger, stylus, and a microSD to SD adapter. We’ll be putting the Instinct through the normal CG paces in the coming days and we’ll have a full review shortly. In the meantime enjoy the photos. You’ll have to excuse the shoddy composition, but you know how quickly we need to get these things up to beat the other guys.

Our first hands on video
Web browser video