Klipsch launches new line of high-end, attractive home theater speakers

klipsch wf35Klipsch’s new speakers look fantastic, and probably sound as good. Known for high-end sound with high end looks. It just announced these new home theater speakers that are put together in high-grain, furniture-quality wood. But like me, they’re not just beautiful on the outside, they’re also quality inside.

The speakers use new horn tech to fit big sound into slim cabinets. That means you get the same audio quality as you would from huge cabinets in these discreet units.

The new speakers come in five varieties that, when combined, give you one of the best surround sounds speaker options on the market. Main sound comes from WF-35 ($1,499) and WF-34 ($1,199) floorstanding speakers, or the WB-14 bookshelf speaker for smaller areas ($599), the WC-24 ($499) makes center channel and the WS-24 ($749) is your surround speaker. You’ll need to bring your own sub.

Luckily they’re not singles, you get pairs at that price, except for the center speaker. If you’re looking for the total audiophile experience, this is where to start. If you can afford it.