Yaika launches life-casting

Yaika! is a new lifecasting platform targeting European professional and amateur bloggers. The bootstrapped Estonian-based startup with a London presence claims it will be more versatile and easy to use than other lifecasting competitors, such as Ustream or Justin.tv. Yaika! is also launching fully localised for the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia and Estonia and is aiming for the rest of Europe by the end of the year.

You can create video audio channels and twitter or jaiku when you start streaming. Every user may star in an unlimited number of webcams and call-ins. There are also Seesmic-like features such as video messaging.

For a bootstrapped startup the tech is pretty impressive. It will be interesting to see if it can somehow capture a European-specific market. It’s just the latest life-casting site to launch in Europe, with Phreadz coming out of London just recently, although this is not a “live” lifecasting platform currently.

Update: Problem. As soon as I registered I started getting emails from people that I was now “linked” with them. Few people really like this “opt-out friending” and they may need to change this aspect. I then got a spam email from “ControlCircle” on Yaika’s platform, who even comments below.