Loopt and eBay to be some of the first iPhone App store applications

Straight off the floor from WWDC comes news on two of the first applications set to hit the iPhone App store: eBay, and Loopt.

From Loopt’s about page:

Using location-based technologies, Loopt lets you know where your friends are by automatically updating maps on your mobile handset. Loopt even lets you send messages to nearby friends or receive automatic alerts when they’re nearby so that you never miss an opportunity to meet. Loopt also lets you journal your life so that your friends can see what you’re up to. With Loopt, mobile subscribers put themselves on the map.

And eBay is, well, eBay.

Update: eBay app has been formally announced during the keynote. Check your listings, bid on the go. The eBay app will be free at App store launch.