Mac Fusion: The new Mac Mini? Or escapee from Fake City, USA?


Another day, another blurry screen shot of Apple promotional material featuring a product that might or might not exist in the very, very near future. This one’s the Mac Fusion, apparently a no-frills tiny box aimed at developers. It has a form factor of a Mac Mini cut down to about half the height.

While this certain looks like it could be real, Photoshoppers are getting good. Rumors persist of a new, smaller Mac Mini for the low-end, but the Fusion? Of course we’ve been trying to figure out what Steve’s “One more thing…” this year would be — if there is one — and something like this out of left field would make sense.

Is it real? Is it fake? How will blogging at midnight from an airport hotel when I have to liveblog early in the morning affect my performance? Who the hell knows? It’s still fun to guess.

For a full translation of the above text, hit the jump.

Building your applications for the Mac has never been easier. Mac Fusion was designed exclusively for new developers wishing to port their existing programs to the Mac without breaking the bank. Mac Fusion allos you to explore the power and stability of Mac OS X while keeping the ability to run alternate operating systems, such as Windows or Linux, via Boot Camp.

Powerful processor. Small space.

Inside every Mac Fusion is a super-fast Intel Core 2 Duo chip. This give you quick performance in any operating system environment, even if running in a virtual machine. With two powerful processors designed to share resources and circuitry so unimaginably small, Intel Core 2 Duo achieves far higher levels of performance while consuming less power and keeping [something and something else, it trails off the page here].

That’s pretty good copy for a fake, but we don’t see Apple releasing any low-end product in the near future that could cannibalize the Mac Mini’s sales. That being said, we’ve heard that the Mac Mini is due to be put out to pasture at any time and a new, smaller version was in development. So it’s possible, but is this it? We’ll find out in about 12 hours. I’m going to sleep now, sportsfans.

Thanks for the tip, big J!