New hybrid Panasonic fluorescent bulb gets bright – fast

Pa Look Ball Premium 1

Some non-iPhone-related news for you! If you’ve ever used fluorescent bulbs, you know that they take a while to reach full brightness. This can be a bad thing in certain situations, like bathrooms. Sometimes you need the light fast and don’t want to wait around for it. Well, Panasonic came to the rescue with its announcement of the Pa-Look Fluorescent bulbs.

The new bulb is a hybrid and provides instant bulb brightness. The way it works is simple, a Quick Lamp(i.e. a normal bulb) is in the center of the fluorescent coil and comes on right away. Then once the coil reaches full brightness, the “Quick Lamp” shuts off. This way you can still have the energy savings, without sacrificing that satisfying “instant-on” feel. If the two lamps differ very much in color temperature, though, it could be weird.