Wal-Mart sells new ‘Metal Gear Solid’ game early


A big, shiny gold star goes to Konami for being cool about Metal Gear Solid 4 being sold before the June 12th release date. According to PlayStation Universe, “This week, a couple of Wal-Marts were reported to have sold the Metal Gear Solid 80GB PS3 bundles up to a week before the scheduled release of the title on June 12.”

Konami’s response to this happy little accident shows that the company realizes that time, as we know it, moves forward – not side to side or backwards.

“Unfortunately, these things happen. As much as we like see that no one breaks streets dates, no one can monitor every single moment that a title gets packed up for shipment and when its on its way to the stores.The store could be at fault as well, for letting someone get a copy before the street date.”

I’m not a betting man, but I’d guess that Wal-Mart has remedied the situation by now. If you’re bored and/or desperate to get the game early, though, swing by your local superstore during your lunch break to see if you can get your hands on a copy. It appears that you might have to buy the entire PS3 bundle but, hey, early MGS4, right?