Flickr photo uploading comes to BlackBerry

As Apple gets all up in RIM’s territory with their upcoming enterprise features, RIM is responding by showing the lighter, less corporate side of BlackBerry devices. Continuing down the social site path they started down with the release of their Facebook application, BlackBerry has released a free application which allows for quick Flickr photo uploading.

The Flickr for BlackBerry experience seems pretty intuitive: Snap a picture, pick an album, tag it, and upload it. You can also resize photos on the fly and, if your BlackBerry is packin’ GPS, geotag’em.

They’re not the first to do it — I’ve been doin’ most of this on my Helio Ocean for months now, and I’m sure plenty of other devices can do it too — but free new stuff is free new stuff, right?

Check out the free download, available here.