Iomega DVR Expander adds 500 extra gigs to your DVR


Iomega wants to make sure you never run out of DVR space with its just announced DVR Expander Drive, a 500 gigabyte external hard drive that plugs right into your DVR, thus expanding your storage. Compatible with eSATA Scientific Atlanta DVRs, the drive should be of use to people with Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision, Rogers and Cox. The 500 drive can store some 300 hours of standard def programming, or 60 hours of high def programming. Things to record: the remaining games of the NBA Finals, Euro 2008, Good Eats, etc. Live life like its your last day, you know?


Note that because of DRM you’re not able to take the DVR’d shows and simply transfer them to your computer. I mean, maybe you can through some hacking around, but it’s not supported out of the box nor endorsed by Iomega. No one wants to get sued.

So yeah, a qucik and easy way to expand the storage of your DVR; it looks like it’d fit right in with most home theaters, aesthetics-wise. Look for it later this month—it’s shipping in the next coming days—for $200.

Want to hear something crazy? I don’t even have a DVR!