Cellspin adds Twitter and Pownce support

Addicted to Twitter, but want to get a bit more creative with your tweets? Cellspin, a free mobile blogging application which allows users to blog text, video, audio, and photos to a big ol’ list of sites, has now added support for Twitter and Pownce.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Cellspin to work at all on my S60 N78. I signed up for an account, added Twitter to my list of sites, and installed the application – all of which went perfectly smooth. From there, I couldn’t get it to actually post anything. The camera button behaved as expected (taking me to the photo snapping application) but regardless of what I did (snap photo and back out, snap photo and save, snap photo and upload to web, etc) I found myself back at the main menu rather than the posting screen. Same story for video and audio recording.

This could very well just be an issue with this specific handset. They also offer support for Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and a ton of other devicesCheck’em out, and let us know how it works for you.