Oh Puh-lease: Steve Jobs is too skinny now?

jobs There have been some murmurs going ‘round the interconnected web-like network of worldwide computers that Steve Jobs looked a little too skinny on Monday, and that he might be sick. Apple spokespeople have now said that Jobs had been a little ill with a “common bug” over the past few weeks but that he was on antibiotics and didn’t want to miss the WWDC conference.

Sure, he looks a little thin in the photo on the left (taken by the Associated Press), but he’s wearing a black turtleneck that’s seven sizes too big for him (no time to shop) and he’s pretty lanky to begin with.

What a double standard! Everyone wants tech guys to look all svelte and nerdly, but then once we finally get in shape (which almost never happens), we get accused of being too skinny. Where does it end? It’s just like Hollywood but with more typing!

On a serious note, let’s not forget that Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in 2004, but had the tumor successfully removed that same year. He’s fine. If he contracted some sort of bug, he’s probably been going number three all day, every day for the past week, if you catch my drift. That’ll cause some definite weight loss.

via WSJ