Coincidence? Video game caught stealing content from Oblivion, other popular games


To quote Boing Boing’s Joel Johnson, “The most amazing gaming story of the year.”

A recently released adventure game for the PC, Limbo of the Lost, appears to have stolen content, including artwork and level design, from games like Oblivion and Silent Hill. The game, developed by Majestic Studios—its [down] Web site is hosted on Geocities!—looks like absolute rubbish, from concept to execution. Like, check out this video:

Really, dynamic storyline? Good heavens.

The discovery of alleged thievery was made by GamePlasma, with users of the NeoGAF—remember them?—have been finding more and more offending screenshots. Doesn’t this remind you of Silent Hill 4? It should!


How do you like that, a game ripping off others left and right. Pretty funny.

Majestic, if you’re going to make a terrible game, at least use your own imagination.