Dumbbell concept looks nice, but a little thing called physics ruins the fun


Let’s say you live on Planet Pseudo-Science, where “weight” can be “generated” at the drop of a hat. Well, maybe not the drop of a hat, but rather the spinning of balls in a dumbbell.

The comic book premise certainly sounds fun! Balls inside each dumbbell can be set to rotate at different speeds. The faster they rotate, the more weight is generated. Seeing as though we live on planet Earth, where a little thing called physics applies, this design, while neat looking, is about as worthless as it gets.

The law of conservation of mass says, essentially, that matter cannot be created or destroyed in a closed system. These dumbbells claim to generate weight, which is a merely a function of gravity on mass. (That’s why you’d weigh differently on other planets—the gravitational force is different, while your mass remains constant.) Long story short, the spinning balls don’t change the dumbbells’ mass, so no change in weight could happen.

And now it’s time for Poland v. Austria, two rubbish teams.

via Boing Boing Gadgets and Gearfuse