AOL Radio heads to iPhone: Tunes into radio stations by calculating where you are


AOL Radio, yet another reason to consider getting an iPhone next month. AOL developed an application—it won an Apple design award—for the iPhone that lets users tune into AOL Radio either using 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi. The app, when used in an iPhone 3G, calculates where you are using GPS and automatically tunes into the closest CBS station. So yes, almost as simple as a regular radio, but one with some smarts behind it.

(And before anyone goes off, “I’ve been listening to radio on my [whatever device] for the past xyz years,” great, good for you, but now you can do it on an iPhone, a device that actually has mainstream appeal.)

The app will be ad-supported, so it’ll cost you nothing. So, a neat extra.

If you never used AOL Radio online before, give it a try right now. I’ve got KROQ on right now. Typical paint-by-numbers rock, yes, but it’s neat nonetheless.