No tethering options for new iPhone


iPhone Atlas is reporting that “AT&T will not be offering tethering capabilities for the iPhone 3G,” as in, you’d have to buy a separate device altogether to use as a 3G modem via Bluetooth or USB. I’ve no doubt that some enterprising individuals will figure out a way around this, but the point is that AT&T should at least offer the option, even if the company would charge users an ungodly monthly fee for the privilege. iPhone Atlas spoke with AT&T spokesperson Mark Siegel, who said that…

AT&T will not be supporting a PAM plan for the iPhone 3G . The only available data plan for the iPhone will be the new $30 consumer unlimited data and visual voice mail plan and the $45 business data plan. The latter is charged when a person makes an enterprise type connection to Exchange or a Blackberry server for email or messaging.

It’ll be interesting to see if Apple allows a tethering application into the new App Store. Now THAT would be a nice little gesture to consumers.