DARPA rides the terahertz wave

Oh, DARPA. Everything you touch turns to semi-gold. Really, though — DARPA is great because they throw money at practically every cool new technology and even if it doesn’t turn into a neat gun, the residual advances from studying it often yield other interesting technologies. These daysthey’re looking into terahertz waves, those knicker-viewers the Brits were into a few months back.

In this case, I’m sure that while DARPA will be looking for a way to make a gun like the Farsight or the railgun from Eraser, they will more likely just make a better version of what we’ve already got, which isn’t much, “due to a lack of effective means to generate, detect, process, and radiate” the signal. Sounds like we’ve got a long way to go, but any funding directed towards advancing the state of X-Ray Specs is money well spent in this blogger’s opinion.