New ‘Pepper Pad’ coming with Atom and Vista?


The Pepper Pad 3, apparently not to be confused with the already-available Pepper Pad 3, has been spotted by AVING. This new version of the…um…board-like, lap-based, net surfing apparatus will feature Intel’s Atom processor and, according to AVING, “a 7-inch wide VGA touchscreen” and a Linux-based operating system.

But! Look really closely at the photo below. That screen appears to be higher-resolution than VGA — the older Pepper Pad is WVGA at 800×480, this screen looks even higher-res than that to me (no horizontal scroll bar apparent on the web browser, yet Yahoo! needs to be scrolled at 800 pixels wide). And that operating system looks an awful lot like Windows Vista, no? That focused tab on the bottom is definitely Internet Explorer.

Here’s a close-up of the screen with the brightness and contrast tweaked a bit.


Not too many other details like pricing or availability, unfortunately. Hanbit, the company that makes the Pepper Pad devices, is apparently working on some sort of Tablet PC as well.

AVING via Engadget