Wimbledon Matches Get Streamed Online, We've Got 50 Free Passes

Online broadcasting continues to make headway against the monolithic cable companies as more sports fans turn to the web for their fix. This year’s Wimbledon tournament will be streamed online by MediaZone at Wimbledon LIVE beginning June 23rd. An all access pass to the tournament costs $25, but you can grab one of 50 free passes by sending a request to mztcwimbledon@gmail.com.

This marks the third year that MediaZone has streamed Wimbledon, and the service has seen impressive growth, with a 129% increase in revenue year over year. This year’s pass will include access to 300 matches spread across eight courts in a two week span. And while the $25 price tag will put off many casual viewers, you can be sure that hardcore fans will love being able to switch between matches at will.

Given the increased amount of choice and control afforded by online sportscasts it seems that it’s only a matter of time that online viewing will finally go mainstream. Earlier this week IBM hosted a stream for the US Open, which was streamed over 2.5 million times, making it one of the biggest online sporting events ever.

Update:TechCrunch readers who didn’t get in on the free passes can save 20% by going here.