Flower Rock 2.0: The singing and dancing flowers from Japan are back

A lot of us waited for it (or maybe not), but now the singing and dancing flower toys from Takara Tomy are giving a comeback [JP], at least in Japan. The company yesterday announced the updated version, dubbed Flower Rock 2.0, will be sold only in this country beginning October 30th and for $57.

The new models are upgraded with a glow function. The petals and leaves will flash in up to 50 different colors, in rythm with the music. The illumination can be adjusted in 5 levels. Owners can choose between 7 different flash modes. The flowers can also be connected to external speakers.

Takara Tomy scored a huge hit with the first version of their flower toys (introduced in 1988), selling 8.5 million units all over the world.