Meez finally launches virtual world, Meez Nation

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I don’t do the whole virtual world thing that seems to be popular with all the kids, but I hate the iPhone too, so take it for what it’s worth. After millions of requests and painstaking months, Meez has launched their very own virtual world, Meez Nation. Once I get around to fully immersing myself and my avatar in Meez Nation, you can bet your ass I’ll be kicking it with 50 Cent in his virtual office. I’m pretty sure I can tear Nicholas away from WoW to join me and “Fiddy” in Meez Nation. Spending time in 50’s office will allow Meez users to listen in on tracks from his upcoming album and battle others animated-style. I know Nicholas would love to do that more than anything else in the world. Believe dat.

You can also partake in a variety of other activities while cruising the virtual world for avatar hotties (like the one to your right) in one of six ‘hoods. Burbia is the main entrance into the neighborhood. Hell’s Kitchen is where all the party people will drop some E and party till the break of dawn. The snobby folk can swing Uptown or in Posh Heights while the creative artsy-fartsy types will be in Arcadia. I’ll be drinking beers on the beach in Chillville.


Oh, all the other stuff you can do is listed below.

Meez Nation is designed to let everyday users easily connect with others and share experiences. Residents can chat with one another, watch YouTube videos together, listen to music and leave answering machines messages. By typing various text triggers such as “LOL,” “OMG” or “dance,” Meez users can launch animations to amuse others in Roomz. There are also numerous interactive objects spread around Meez Nation to inject fun into the scene, including walls that can be tagged with graffiti and a Tesla coil that zaps users.