'Shadow Caddy' perfect for golfers too manly to take a cart but too lazy to carry their own clubs


They say that golf is a good walk spoiled. But nothing spoils a good walk like paying $30 for a cart and then playing like ass all day long. Sure, you could carry your clubs but let’s be honest, we all play golf for a moderate to slightly below moderate amount of exercise. If I wanted to lift weights, I’d go to a… you know… that place that used to take $80 out of my checking account every month even though I never went there.

The Shadow Caddy sits snugly in between manliness and laziness while scoring some well-deserved geek cred. It’s very similar to any other type of motorized cart you’d see on a golf course except that there’s no remote control. You simply attach a transmitter to your belt and the Shadow Caddy follows you around automatically. There’s a simple STOP button on the device itself, which you press when you want to hit your ball or if you’re going to head to the green to putt.

It’s been developed by an Australian company and was supposedly going to hit Australian golf courses in October of last year. Any Aussie readers out there who can vouch for its existence? If you’ve seen one, how much do they cost to rent? I’d definitely pay to rent one here in the US if they were $20 or less per round.

via InventorSpot