This USB necktie will make you stay cool at all times

It’s Japanese accessory maker Thanko again. Today the Tokyo-based company added the so-called “USB Necktie Cooler 2” [JP] to their line-up.

A small plastic fan built into the tie’s knot begins to circulate when the user plugs the tie, which is made of silk, to a PC’s USB port. The device comes with a switch for turning the fan on or off and regulating its power.

If there is no PC with a USB connection around, you can also get a small battery pack to stay cool while on the go (4 AAA batteries). Thanko says on their web site: “This makes it possible to use the tie in a convenience store, during an overseas trip or anywhere in the world.”

The company charges $28 for the necktie and $34 for the necktie and battery pack set (Japan-only).