"Taterf" worm steals your WoW password, epic l00tz

The MMORPG world is too big a target to resist, I guess. Worm-wranglers in China created a worm falled Frethog, which this new one Taterf is based on. It copies itself around, executes whenever you look at it, and by means of keylogging, packet sniffing, or other methods, determines your online game login info. It’s targeting the big ones, like WoW, Lineage, and even Steam.

Once they’ve got your info, they’re free to do what they want: auction off your items, change your password and sell your account, or just play it I suppose, though I doubt that’s happening much. Anyhow, Microsoft’s threat center blog notes that it’s made up a huge proportion of the worms their Removal Tool has cleaned up, so if you’ve noticed anything fishy lately on your PC, it might be a good idea to run the MSRT or your malware removal tool of choice, just in case.