Shock report: One-quarter of iPhone users switched from a Razr


Several people on the “Internet” are making a big deal out of recently released numbers from J.D. Power and Associates that shows nearly one-quarter of Motorola Razr users switched to the iPhone. I don’t know what’s so surprising about that. If people had gotten the Razr in 2005, when it was popular (I swear, every two-bit jerk had one at my school; I pitied them), by the time the iPhone rolled around in 2007, their two-year contract with whatever wireless carrier they had would have been about to expire. And since people bought the Razr based on looks as much as anything else, who’s to say these same people weren’t similarly interested in the iPhone because of its looks? Exactly.

You could also use the numbers to justify the conventional wisdom that Motorola is about to die an ignoble death, but that’s been done before.

Then there are those who say there’s not too much difference between a Razr and an iPhone. But saying anything untoward about the iPhone is grounds for a tar-and-feathering, I think.