CloudStatus Opens Up Cloud Performance Metrics

At the O’Reilly Velocity conference today, Hyperic will announce and launch their new cloud service monitoring and logging service CloudStatus is a free and publicly available website that allows developers and users of cloud services such as Amazon S3 and EC2 to monitor the performance and uptime (or downtime) of services. Initially five services from Amazon will be monitored, such as the S3 storage service, the EC2 computing service, SimpleDB and payments.

Hyperic are well known and established as developers and providers of an enterprise server monitoring solution used by companies such as CNet, Mosso, Hi5, Microsoft and others. Their monitoring systems are used in co-location centers to monitor, manage and report on performance issues. Hyperic have used the same technology foundation to develop the monitoring that powers

Hyperic plan to support numerous web services in the future, such as, the Google App Engine and Mosso. Currently those services usually publish simple feedback to users, such as a simple available/unavailable status signal or a simple report (such as the Amazon status page). CloudStatus digs a lot deeper and measures detailed performance metrics such as throughput performance, response times and overall availability for periods of up to a few months.

For application developers or designers looking to use one of these web services, CloudStatus would be an invaluable tool as part of any evaluation in selecting the right cloud platform to use. We have previously reported on Techcrunch many occasions where CloudServices such as S3 or App Engine have been unavailable, as the repurcussions for developers and applications using the services can often be severe.