TechCrunch Dublin Meetup this Thursday night

Ireland gets a startup shot in the arm this Thursday, June 26, when three (count’em 3) startup events happen in Dublin on the same day: OpenCoffee Dublin, Silicon Ireland and the TechCrunch / TechLudd meetup, which we have humourously named “CrunchLudd”.

So head over to OpenCoffee Dublin first for a morning coffee, then go to the day-long event at the City North Hotel to hear guest speakers and network with VC’s, entrepreneurs and service providers. Finally head over to the TechCrunch/TechLudd event in the evening for drinks and chat with (me) Mike Butcher from TechCrunch UK. See you there! (And this is the last call for sponsors of the drinks at the CrunchLudd event btw, contact us today)