Faceparty tells critics to F*** Off, suspends entire site

Owners of the somewhat idiosyncratic FaceParty, one of the UK’s oldest social networks, appear to have had an altercation – with almost their entire user-base. On Tuesday night the normal home page was replaced with a diatribe against users who had complained about a fancy dress competition the site was holding. The site was cut off for several hours, blocking all users from logging in.

In a message entitled “Fuck the haterz”, the owners said “Sowwy [sic.] dudes but some of you have pissed us off so much today that we’ve shut the whole site down and fucked off to the Zoo.” (London Zoo to be specific).

In the history of social networks and Web 2.0 startups, I have to say this is the first such incident I have come across. It’s either an elaborate marketing ploy (in fact, it is almost certainly this) or a genuine, heartfelt hatred of large sections of the user-base. It’s an interesting strategy, but according to the site’s description on Wikipedia, not the first time it’s had a run in with its users. However, the owners did apologise to “tha people who appreciate that we give our lives to make this good for you” – and invited them to come to the zoo as well.

As of now (just after midnight, Wednesday morning) the site had been restored. Perhaps we’ll find out what happened tomorrow…. Meantime, here is the statement the site was carrying until an hour or so ago.