Wii: ‘SimCity Creator’ preview, gameplay video


I’m a big, big fan of the SimCity series. Ask anyone who knows me, they’ll be like “Oh, Doug? Yeah, he loves SimCity. Loves it. Good old SimCity Aamoth.” That’s what they called me in college. I happen to think that the golden age of SimCity was SimCity 3000, but I’ll happily play SimCity 2000 all day long. SimCity 4? Tried it, thought it was okay, then went back to SimCity 3000. So will I buy SimCity Creator for the Wii when it ships on September 22nd? The jury’s still out. It looks pretty good though.

IGN has a nice first look at the game and found that using the Wii remote to build cities is actually implemented pretty well. In particular, you’ll be able to build curved roads “in any shape, picture, or word” you like. Other features include using the Wii remote to manipulate disasters (swirling motion for tornados, etc.) and hero buildings – one of 32 available architecturally significant buildings that will cause surrounding buildings taking on a similar look. Other than that, it looks like the formula hasn’t been messed with all that much, which I’d submit is a good thing.