Chrsyler to offer in-car wireless Internet next model year, safety advocates freaking out


Chrysler, the also-ran of the Big Three in Detroit, will offer in-car wireless Internet access beginning with 2009 model cars. The Los Angeles Times says it uses 3G, but doesn’t mention anything about those of us who live in areas without 3G coverage.

The service, to be called UConnectWeb when it’s officially unveiled tomorrow, is aimed squarely at passengers—Chrysler doesn’t want to be on record saying, “Surfing the Web is a great idea for already-distracted drivers!” As such, safety advocates are doing their best Chicken Little impression, claiming nothing short of the End of Times with in-car Internet access.

The move had been talked about for quite some time.

This news breaks the same day American Airlines, fresh off slashing the number of seats in order to cut costs, will offer in-cabin Wi-Fi. But more on that later, I suspect.