Horrors: No more iTunes cards at Starbucks


The joy of walking into a Starbucks and buying a CD or copping an iTunes gift card along with a venti iced coffee is over! The coffee chain, which has hit a bit of a rough patch, will no longer sell CDs or offer iTunes gift cards at its retail locations. It will still offer free Wi-Fi, though, so don’t freak out too much.

Not enough people were buying CDs at stores to make it worth the company’s time of day. Never mind that the local, non-Starbucks café—if you have one—has free Wi-Fi, cheaper (better?) coffee, and lacks the pretentiousness of the Seattle-based chain.

In other music-related news, it looks like Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” sold quite well, despite the fact that it was available on BitTorrent sites for some time before its official release. But piracy kills the industry and makes baby angels cry, I know.