Mosso Launches New Control Panel For Cloud Services

Mosso today launched a new control panel for their application hosting platform. The new panel allows users to easily manage files and assets, upload new files and content, extract new packages and more. They have built a whole new interface using the Google Web Toolkit, and their plan is to incrementaly extend the features of the control panel to features that were previously managed manually by either Mosso personnel or users.

The Mosso platform can host PHP, RubyOnRails, .NET and CGI apps in Python or Perl. It takes the user only minutes to setup a new instance, from where they can point their DNS record to complete setup. Once on Mosso, computational and bandwidth resources are allocated automatically on an as-needed basis, with websites and applications being able to scale from the very low end such as small blog hosting through to large-scale and bandwidth intensive web applications.

The Mosso platform is based on an open source LAMP stack, with custom developed software to provide app virtualization, hosting and scaling. For database servers, both MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server are now available, and to get started users pay a $100 fee. Pricing thereafter is based on CPU cycles and bandwidth used, with 50 cents per additional Gigabyte of storage, 25 cents per Gibabyte of bandwidth and 1 cent per single CPU cycle ‘unit’.