Opera Sends Website Owners Auto-Compliance Feedback

Opera Software is building a team of “web evangelists” whose job it is to find sites that do not display correctly in Opera and are not standards-compliant, and then email the site owners. They are sending emails with specific tips on how to fix HTML, CSS or other issues that don’t make sites compliant. Opera has always been a strong advocate for web standards, and this initiative is good for not only Opera but standards support on the web in general.

On the Opera jobs website, there are job listings for multiple web evangelist positions. They are hiring in Norway, China, South Korea, the Czech Republic and the USA – so it is a multi-lingual global effort. Here is an example of an email sent to one site owner from an evangelist at Opera, with specific details on fixing a CSS bug:

Hello from Opera Software,

We have recently come to know that [retracted] is not displaying
properly in Opera. It stems from an Opera bug which we plan have resolved
and should be out with the next release. However, till that time, it would
be nice if you could tweak the site on your end to make it work with Opera.

Just add “overflow-y:visible;” to the “Body” of the web page in the CSS
file. Or you can just put


In the <style> section of the pages, and it should make the pages display
with Opera perfectly. If you have any more questions, please feel free to
contact us.