Syncplicity Announces New Platform, Partnerships, and Pricing Plan

Synchronization, backup, and sharing solution Syncplicity today announced the launch of a new open platform that they hope will enable the next generation of Cloud Computing applications.

The new platform allows developers to extend their web-based applications directly to the desktop, creating seamless interaction between online applications and files stored locally on the desktop. The service is built on open standards to enable synchronization of files not just across computers and devices, but also on the web. Desktop files can now be accessed instantaneously in either online or local applications, giving web apps equal versatility on the desktop. Furthermore, files can be edited in any application, whether online or on the PC, and automatically backed-up and saved directly to the user’s hard drive. This spares users the trouble of locating recently saved files, and allows them to choose the most desirable application without worrying about where their data may be stored.

Syncplicity also has announced a new pricing plan with free and premium accounts, as well as three partnerships with leading web-based services for documents and photos: Sribd, Zoho, and Picnik.