The cell phone of the future could be controlled with your eye

NTT DoCoMo, a Japanese wireless carrier, is working on what they call the “cell phone of the future“. So far they have one prototype that looks like a freaky pair of headphones with wires and doo-dads popping out everywhere. Inside it’s packed full of sensors and chips (the ones you can’t eat) that track the electrical current produced by brain when the wearer moves their eye.

In a demonstration the did for the (blogger hating) Associated Press, the device was able to make lines on a computer monitor dance around when the wearer (yes you guessed it) moved their eyes. The wearer was also able to turn the volume up on a music player and make it skip the track forward.

This all sounds well and good, but how many different eye movements are you going to have to remember to use your phone? Anyway, its still too early to tell if this technology will ever make to the market or how it will be used.