Encoding.com Relaunches as SaaS Video Encoding Platform

Encoding.com has relaunched to address the new cost, quality, and scalability encoding issues that have emerged with the explosion of internet and mobile video applications.

As a company that formerly hand coded and archived source video content, Encoding.com believes they can bring Internet and mobile video applications to the next level by providing a cost efficient, robust, and scalable encoding service that allows companies to focus on creating quality video content rather than investing heavily in encoding infrastructure. The end result is a dynamic encoding cloud made available as an on demand web service in an XML API. Customers send in their source content in any popular format, and receive encoded media at a location of their choice, in the format of their choice. The company hopes this technology will facilitate the development of higher quality video content on the web.

Encoding.com is part of a growing number of web services offering cloud computing options that promise to help businesses cut back on hardware infrastructure costs. Other services that offer cloud computing are Amazon’s EC2 and Parascale, who recently secured a large sum in first round funding. These services, however, are not dedicated to video conversion.