Peace on Earth: ConnectU, Facebook suit settled; Facebook isn't worth $15B


Oh man, the Last Man Standing match, the nail-biting drama that is the ConnectU v. Facebook showdown is over, and Facebook won! Let freedom ring!

Right. Well, the highly publicized legal brouhaha between ConnectU and Facebook—the former accused the later of ripping it off (hoo hoo, Robin!)—should be done and done. A Federal judge in California yesterday enforced a previous settlement, casting aside ConnectU’s complaint.

Probably the only thing of note, the only thing even remotely interesting here is that, unlike forwarded previous news reports (which were mere extrapolations anyway), Facebook isn’t worth $15 billion. Apparently Facebook’s board of directors told the judge a different number, presumably one (slightly?) less than the phony $15 billion.

And then the economy crashed and no one gave a damn about who poked whom.