Six-person, round-table ping pong? If it ain’t broke…


Just one man’s opinion, but I’ve never had any beef with traditional ping pong. If you, however, find yourself longing to play on, say, a round table with five other people (perhaps all wearing mesh jerseys), then this modular ping pong table is for you.

So what about the “modular” part of the modular ping pong table? Well, it can be reconfigured to suit your fancy. Check out the mind-bending configuration below!

In fact, you can put together multiple tables, allowing “1-12 or more players to play table tennis with exciting new game configurations.” Apparently, even conventional ping pong tables can be retrofitted to accommodate your new paddle-happy lifestyle.


The “Table Tennis Triples and Modular Table Tennis System” is currently up for a 2008 Next Big Thing Award. The system was designed by Guenter Arndt and apparently there’s a book in the works with various game configurations and rules (see the website here). There’s a video of some three on three action, found here.

via The Guardian