Vizio's got some cheap 'n decent HDTVs for you

If you’re like me, you’re extremely cheap. And that means you put off buying everything until it’s ridiculously low-priced or used. That means waiting a long time usually, but the payoff is that you get everything those other jokers got, plus more, for a quarter of the price. For instance: this Vizio 32-inch 720p plasma costs $600, exactly a quarter what my parents paid for a much poorer quality one a couple years ago. Plasma is no longer the leading technology, of course, but I’m not as much of a stickler about that.

The 42-inch model costs $800, which I think is a better deal. Both have similar stats and a 30,000:1 contrast ratio. If LCD is more your style, they have some reasonably priced ones along that line as well. These have the 120Hz smoothing technology, which I’d want to see first as some companies’ versions are better than others. Still, 1080p with 120Hz for probably a little over a grand is a pretty decent deal.