Open Source Leaders Rise At Sun

Yesterday at Sun Steve Gillmor and I caught up with Ian Murdock, VP of Developer and Community Marketing and Zack Urlocker, VP of the Database Group after they had both finished speaking at the Sun Open Source Business Intelligence Summit. Ian has been at Sun for little over a year now, and was the founder of the Debian Linux distribution. His role at Sun is to evangelize the Sun platform and products to developers and the open source community, as well as working on the productization and commercialization of open source products.

Zack joined Sun through their acquisition of MySQL, and now heads up the database group at the company. Zack spoke at length about MySQL, their new role in Sun, marketing open source and business models during his talk and presentation. Here are the two of them on video talking about the new Sun, with their business focus on leading with open source (Sun being the number 1 contributor of open source code of any company) and developing it as a solid business for the company.