Citizen Reviewer Opportunity: Steelseries Ikari Laser mouse

Since the most I ever do with my mouse is scroll up and down looking at dolphin porn, I don’t consider myself the best judge of a high-end gaming mouse from Steelseries. The Ikari has a bunch of insane settings including CPI modification, high sample rate, and built-in macros. It’s basically designed for the people who shoot me in the head whenever I try to play Counter-Strike online.

That said, one lucky commenter who can convince me that they’re worthy of this mouse will receive it to review and keep. All we ask is that you write a review in BFF when you’ve played with it for a while. Comment away, gamers, and become a CrunchGear Citizen Reviewer (TM) (R) (:P).

UPDATE – The winner is DrStrangelove:

Let me start by saying that I’m not a FPS person. Having me play Counter-Strike is like having Michael Vick watch your dogs for the weekend while you’re away; it’s a poor life decision. I’m an RTS guy – mostly gems like StarCraft in it’s pixilated glory.

Two months ago my mouse bit the dust. Since then I haven’t had much in the way of disposable income, so I’ve had to resort to using the track pad and little red dot in the middle of my ThinkPad’s keyboard… I could have stopped purchasing food to buy a new mouse, but eating is easily my second favorite pastime. This is no way to live, I tell you! Not only is it damn near impossible to effectively play any sort of game on my computer, but now I can no longer partake in my favorite pastime of getting hammered with my roommates and playing Portal separately, seeing who can go the longest without throwing up…

We at CG support drunk gaming wholeheartedly.