Etelos Launch Easy-Access Virtual Server

Etelos has today announced Etelos Share, a new product that that provides a virtual-hosted server for businesses. The Etelos Share application allows a business to share and store documents internally using a hosted solution, with access to their virtual host through a local drive. The file sharing, storage and backup solution is a new addition to the Etelos suite of products which includes on-demand application hosting of many popular applications.

Etelos Share user accounts can be managed from the same interface used to manage other Etelos applications. From the control panel administrators can manage user accounts, billing, data, etc. Each user is granted their own user account and password via the administrators control panel, from where they are able to access, store and backup data and share with other users in their company.

In pricing Etelos Share starts at $4.95 per month, which includes 5GB of storage. Each additional GB is 35c per month – which is a little above the average cloud-based raw storage price at the moment. Hosted internal storage for SMB’s and larger enterprises is becoming a crowded market, with most vendors in the space offering simple raw storage along with web based or WebDAV interfaces. Etelos does offer a local drive adapter to make end-user usage simpler, and the solution also integrates with their other application offerings.