Nikon D700 (supposedly) found in German magazine: 95% viewer, D3 sensor


We’re led to believe this scan of a German photography magazine article about the D700 is real. Having “been had” last week, I reserve the right to remain suspicious.

These are the specs that appear in the article. Maybe.

D700: D3-Sensor, AF-Module but no phone/speaker, only 95% viewer, 200-6400ISO, 5FPS (8 with MB-D10), pop-up-flash (power 11), dust-removal on sensor, EN-EL3e, 1076g, fsync 1/250, 1/8000-30s, one CF-Slot, grid in viewer optional, virtual horizon, little less fast to D3 . Compatible to WT-4.

So, no 100 percent viewer? Did we lose a war?

Oh, and the all-important price: €2,599, or $4,094.