Gizmo5 Teams With JaJah To Expand Its VoIP Service

Gizmo5, an internet phone provider, has enlisted the help of another internet phone company, JaJah, to manage its VoIP services. JaJah will now handle Gizmo5’s customer and billing services, as well as call termination, which involves routing telephone calls between carriers.

The deal will allow Gizmo5 to concentrate on development of its softphone software while JahJah deals with most of the VoIP telephony infrastructure. Other companies that use JahJah’s managed services include MailVision and Yahoo, which it partnered with earlier this year.

Gizmo5 (formerly called Gizmo Project) is a product of SIPphone, and has been a direct competitor of Skype in the VoIP industry for a number of years. Jajah is a relative newcomer to this space that offers managed services to other companies as well as a consumer-facing VoIP service. With this move, JahJah seem to be shifting out of the extremely competitive consumer space and into a role as a platform for other consumer providers. With so many VoIP offerings, it isn’t suprising to see some of these companies morph into different directions as they attempt to find their place in the new telephony space.