Blizzard Authenticator helps secure your World of Warcraft account


Blizzard, fresh off its Earth-rattling Diablo III news, has just released a small gadget that supposedly improves the security of your World of Warcraft account. Called the Blizzard Authenticator, this small device syncs with your WoW account to provide a second password for each time you log in. The second password is randomly generated for each gaming session. The idea is, simply, two passwords are better than one, the second one being known only to you at the time of logging on.

It’s pretty cheap, too, at only $6.50. Let’s see, spend a few dollars once to order the Authenticator, or see some no-good hacker steal your account info? Seems obvious to me, though I wonder how often accounts gets hijacked. Unless you’re running around Stormwind shouting your username and password, the odds of someone getting your info—keyloggers, trojans, etc.—must be pretty small.