Seed bombs: Make the world greener while forcing your philosophy on others

Are you a hippie? Want to force people to look at flowers? Make some seed bombs. These tiny little bomblets contain clay and seeds and you basically drop them on the ground and they germinate, spread flowers and good cheer all over the abandoned brownfields near the river.

Here’s the recipe:

5 parts dry red clay*
3 parts dry organic compost
1 part seed**
1 – 2 parts water

We used a 16oz. plastic cup as a measure, which made enough for approximately 300 seedballs. After mixing together all the dry ingredients, we added enough water to form a mix that held together without crumbling but wasn’t so wet that it wouldn’t roll into balls. Pinching off small bits of the lovely mud, we rolled penny-sized balls and set them in trays. They will sit on my windowsill for three or four days until completely dry.

Get rollin’, people. Mother Earth needs us.