Sisense Launches Analytics For Amazon S3

SiSense, a developer of business intelligence software, has introduced a new analytics dashboard that it says will allow developers to keep better track of their Amazon S3 usage. The new product is currently available as a private beta, and you can grab one of 50 invites by going here and entering the code “S3!D45zqa@50”.

SiSense’s Prism Dashboard software uses Amazon CSV logs to present the information in a visual, more useful way. Using this data, developers can more efficently manage their storage usage and hopefully realize some cost savings. SiSense says it will offer the dashboard free to all users once it comes out of beta, and is planning to release versions for Google spreadsheets and Adwords in the near future. The company already offers analytic services for Excel, MS SQL, MySQL, CSV, Oracle, and OLAP, which are all available in public beta.

Amazon’s S3 is a popular web service offered by the web-giant that allows developers to purchase storage in the cloud. S3 is also used as the storage element for the EC2 computing platform, which offers developers a cloud-based processing solution.

With SiSense and other tools such as, we are beginning to see the formation of an ecosystem of services and third-party offerings built around cloud computing platforms. With the growing usage of cloud services, the tools that assist developers are becoming an important part of the overall platform.