Virgin's "file-sharing" "warnings:" Waving, not drowning

Virgin Music sent 800 letters to “file-sharers” warning them that if they don’t read the pamphlet on being a good copyright user their broadband could be shut off. Did Virgin have any power over user’s broadband? No, but it’s always nice to get a letter in the mail, isn’t it?

The addressees were collected by the UK’s BPI and sent out to discourage folks from using torrent and p2p to download music.

Asam Ahmad from Virgin said: “We are protecting our customers’ interests by making them aware of the issue, so they can make an informed decision about how their connections are used.

“We want our customers to enjoy music safely and without the risks associated with sharing music without permission.”

Thanks, Virgin. By accusing and alienating your users you will compel hackers to create secure darknets that you and your parasitic industry organizations won’t be able to track. Good luck.