BlackBerry 9500 Thunder media player shots leaked

Thanks to the bar-raising done by that-other-touchscreen-device, any touchscreen box wishin’ to take a big chunk of the market is going to need a rockin’ media player — the BlackBerry 9500 Thunder included.

BlackberrySync managed to get their hands on what are purported to be shots of the 9500’s media player running on OS 4.7. Doesn’t look too shabby at all, albeit a bit familiar.

While it’s not too surprising to see similarities in the 9500 media player (seeing as both UIs are really just lists), there are a few things that seem directly influenced by the iPhone – the grey search box at the top and the use of Apple’s trademarked Shuffle logo, for example, both seem a bit awkward.

Similarities aside, it does look pretty friggin’ good.