OSXBMC for Mac re-named: Say hello to Plex


The media hub once known as Xbox Media Player, then Xbox Media Center, then XBMC, then ported to Intel-based Macs and called OSXBMC is now known as Plex. The name change was announced at the weekend, while many of you were celebrating your country’s independence.

As explained on the application’s official Web site:

The one name that stuck was Plex. I like it because it evokes “cineplex” and the suffix means “comprising a number of parts” which the application certain does. In mathematics, you use the suffix to mean “ten to the power of the number” (e.g. oneplex = 10).

And look how great Plex can be…





The name of the skin here is Aeon, and it’s great. Really great. It makes Front Row look weak. I’m not exaggerating when I say I spent at least six hours on Saturday fiddling around with all the settings, and adding the many movies I’ve collected over the years to Plex’s database.

Again, try it out. You won’t find a better interface for a home theater PC.

Right, the whole project hasn’t been re-named, just the Mac fork (OSXBMC) that we mentioned some time ago. The XBMC name is alive and well on all other platforms, including the non-forked Mac version. This version, Plex, forked off from the main XBMC development tree a little while ago.

Long story short, OSXBMC is now known as Plex. Thank you, and may God bless America.

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